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Ways to Save

Healthcare can be costly but there are many ways to save.


ANNUAL REVIEW:  We recommend scheduling a personal consultation with one of our agents every year so you can review your needs and see if there may be a plan with lower premiums, deductibles, or copays.


BIRTHDAY RULE:  If you live in Oregon or California and are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement, you might be able to save money by switching to a lower premium plan on your birthday.


EXTRA HELP PROGRAM: There is a federal program available to assist with prescription drug costs and it also provides the ability to change Medicare Advantage and/or Prescription Drug plans anytime throughout the year.


SPECIAL NEEDS PLANS:  There are special plans for people with certain chronic conditions, for that qualify for Medicare & Medicaid, or for those that may reside in certain assisted living facilities that may help reduce the costs of certain medications, assist in transportation to doctor appointments, and provide discounts on over-the-counter items.