Annuities are investment products that are designed to provide you with a regular source of income to help you live more comfortably during retirement. Depending on your goals and your financial profile, an annuity can be designed specifically to meet your needs so you can relax, knowing you have a source of income that you won’t outlive.


Annuities offer lots of options that benefit you, including:

  • The ability to invest in many different types of investments
  • Tax deferral on earnings until funds are withdrawn and favorable tax rates upon withdrawal
  • Protection from creditors
  • Provision of a lifetime source of income that goes beyond Social Security and defined-benefit pension plans
  • Death benefits designed to pay your beneficiary a specified minimum amount


When setting up your annuity, you may choose from three types:

  • Fixed-interest annuities where the minimum rate of return is established when the annuity is first purchased
  • Variable-interest annuities where the rate may fluctuate over time
  • Indexed annuities where returns are tied to a specific equity-based index

In addition to lifetime benefit annuities, you may also consider choosing an annuity that pays for a specified period of time. Annuities can play an important role in your financial planning strategy, but with so many options, they can be confusing. At SeniorChoices NW, we’ll work with you to explain all your options so you can decide if an annuity is a good choice for your needs. If you decide to invest, we can also help you explore all your options to set up an annuity that works for you. Give us a call toll-free today at 866-682-1878, or click here to fill out a form to request more information or to request an appointment.

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