Dental Insurance for Seniors

Maintaining good dental health is about more than looking and feeling good. Multiple studies have linked dental problems like decay and gum disease to more serious health complications including heart disease. Yet despite the important role of proper and regular dental checkups and preventive care, seniors often find themselves faced with few options when it comes to dental insurance coverage.

Are You Covered?

Medicare plans offer limited choices for dental care, typically only offering limited benefits for extractions or other urgent care procedures, and most government plans offer no coverage at all. If you’ve been relying on an employer-sponsored dental insurance plan, when you retire, you’ll likely be left without any type of dental coverage. At SeniorChoices NW, we work with companies that offer stand-alone dental coverage, including Spirit Dental, a leading provider of dental insurance plans for patients of all ages, including seniors. Spirit Dental’s senior plan offers guaranteed acceptance and a host of other benefits depending on the plan options you select. You can select your own dentist, have regular cleanings, and even find coverage for major dental services including dental implant procedures.

Dental Coverage Designed For Your Needs

Older patients typically have far different dental care needs and concerns than younger patients, including a need for more restorative care like crown, bridges and dentures. Spirit Dental’s senior care plans are aimed at addressing those needs while making dental care affordable. Spirit Dental’s care plans are designed to work in tandem with other insurance plans including Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement to fill the gaps in medical coverage, and they can also serve as “stand alone” policies. Getting dental care is important for your overall health. To learn more about the dental care coverage options that are designed for your needs, give us a call at  503-682-1878, or fill out the form below or email us and we'll reach out to you. 

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