Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of your financial plan – so important that many financial advisors consider it the cornerstone of a successful financial strategy. Why is it considered so important? Because today’s options allow life insurance policies to be extremely flexible, which means they can be designed to meet a wide variety of goals.

For most people, the primary reason to have life insurance in place is to make sure the ones we leave behind aren’t saddled with a financial burden created by medical expenses, funeral costs and other debts. Others choose term insurance aimed at providing a benefit for a specified period of time, usually during the working years to replace lost income. For other people, life insurance creates the opportunity to leave behind a lasting legacy that can help the next generations achieve their own life goals.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting life insurance is not revisiting their insurance and its options and benefits on a regular basis, especially when a major life event like retirement occurs. Some employers may offer a life insurance benefit based on a term policy that’s in place during the period of employment. When you retire, that insurance disappears and you may be left with no safety net to cover final expenses or to meet other goals. Other life events like the death of a spouse or other survivors may also influence your life insurance policy. At SeniorChoices NW, we help men and women just like you explore all their life insurance options, review existing coverage, and find new insurance options that suit their unique needs and goals. Let us help you learn about your options. To learn about the options that are available for your needs, give us a call today at  503-682-1878, or fill out the form below or email us and we'll reach out to you. 

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